Black Desert Horse Breeding Calculator

Horse Breeding Calculator

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Possible Offsprings

Breeding your level 3 male T3 with your level 30 female T3 could give one of these offsprings:

  • ~22.52% Tier 3 ♀ Female
  • ~27.03% Tier 4 ♂ Male
  • ~31.53% Tier 4 ♀ Female
  • ~18.92% Tier 5 ♂ Male


475breeding grade reached
500next threshold
25points missing

You'd need approximately 5 more levels distributed between your horses to reach the next best threshold.

Offspring Table

Your breed reaches a grade of 475 which determines the offspring. The grade can be increased by leveling horses, reducing deaths and using higher tiers.

GradeMin. OffspringMax. Offspring
300Tier 2 (F)Tier 3 (M, F)
350Tier 3 (M, F)Tier 4 (M)
400Tier 3 (M, F)Tier 4 (M, F)
450Tier 3 (F)Tier 5 (M)
500Tier 3 (F)Tier 5 (M, F)
550Tier 4 (M, F)Tier 6 (M)
600Tier 4 (F)Tier 6 (M, F)

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